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An Ambitious Objective: Guiding the Global Community Towards a Sustainable Energy Era. Our primary goal is to combat the imminent threat of climate change before it becomes an irreversible crisis. This crucial undertaking demands both a sense of urgency and widespread transformative actions. Fortunately, the progress in technology has brought us closer than ever to achieving this mission.

“Dealing with Creed Solar has been a great experience! The salesman knew his stuff and set very good expectations, so I knew what to expect. The whole process from start to finish was very satisfying. And the owner was always there to answer my questions. I definitely recommend this company.”

– Blake Warner

“Akhi was our Specialist and Johnny set up the appt for us. At first, my wife and I were a bit skeptical, but once listening to how the cost of electricity will only keep going up since the demand is higher and our monthly payments were cheaper than our average electric bill, it only made sense to make the switch. This is our first month with Solar and our house works exactly the same. Highly recommend! Johnny was super personable and Akhi answered every question under the Sun!”

– Joe Hamre

“Creed Solar was wonderful to work with on several levels. They were professional, responded to questions quickly, the solar panels were installed when they said they would be installed and they helped problem shoot when there were problems with one of the electric companies. I would hire them again.”

– Sue Rollins

“I worked directly with the owner for the majority of my dealings with Creed Solar. Overall the process was very smooth and all the people I worked with from start to finish were very knowledgeable and professional. I do recommend this company for your solar needs.”

– Brad Elliott

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We are dedicated to enhancing the lives of homeowners by lowering their energy expenses, promoting greater dependence on clean and abundant renewable energy sources, and delivering an exceptional customer experience through a dependable sales process and efficient, top-notch installation services.